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Welcome to Ivrit Club,

where you will finally gain the ability to speak Hebrew more confidently!

Our programs are based on the principle that the best way to master Hebrew is to use everyday language, converse as much as possible, and enjoy the process!

So if you really want to boost your confidence, vocabulary, style, and fluency-

join our club!


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A qui le Club convient-il ?

Who is the Club suitable for?

  • You want to learn Hebrew in the most efficient, fun, and natural way!

  • You want to improve your Hebrew conversational skills

  • You don't have enough opportunities to speak Hebrew

  • If you want to feel more connected to Israeli culture and society.

  • You want to start speaking Hebrew from scratch with the most efficient method

  • You've already learned Hebrew but can't express yourself confidently the way you want.

  • ​You can’t invest too many hours a week but you still want to make significant leaps forward.

  • You feel a gap between the Hebrew you have learned and the lack of confidence and fluency when you speak.

Group of four friends having fun a coffe

Why choose "Ivrit Club"?

CONVERSATIONAL lessons where you practice everyday language

Convenient for busy people

the uniqueness of our method is geared toward conversational Hebrew: you will get the opportunity to express yourself and learn every day language.

A winning formula! 45-minute lessons, 2-3 times a week, without disrupting everyday life. This helps to maintain a specific pace of study in order to ensure progress.

Personal attention 

Interactive and interesting courses

In one-on-one/couples' classes, the teacher's undivided attention is focused on you and your needs.

Our goal is to get you talking as much as possible. We'll provide videos, games, and more to keep you engaged! 

Experienced teachers

Dynamism and good energy combined with teaching experience. What more can you ask for?

Exploring Israel together in Hebrew

Every summer we offer trips around Israel where you can discover the beauty of the country and culture while practicing your Hebrew in an intense 2-week program. 

Pourquoi nous choisir ?
En pratique
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What will the Club give    you?

If your level of Hebrew is basic

then classes will mainly focus on practical topics that will help you in everyday life in Israel:

introductory conversation, at the bank, at the doctor, in the shops, etc...

This way, you will be able to communicate your needs much more easily and do better in the country.

If your level of Hebrew is more advanced

then the mission of your classes will be to upgrade and enrich your Hebrew. It will allow you to express your opinions more freely using the past and future in a more natural way while enhancing your vocabulary.

You will have much more self confidence and new doors will open thanks to this new mastery of the language.



On Zoom, anywhere around the world.

when ?

Whenever  you want between 8 am and 9pm Israeli time, in accordance with the availability of our teachers as will be clarified during the introductory zoom meeting .


Leave your details in the form for an introductory meeting with us

We check your requests and preferences

Let's start!

Freelance concept. Pretty young woman us

Do you also not like to scroll all the way down and not
find the prices? We totally get you. So here they are:

Trial class  - $60 

Our Online 1-on-1  programs and prices

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

2 classes a week $1674

(27 classes at $62 per class)

2 classes a week $3132

(54 classes at $58 per class)

2 classes a week $5616

( 108 classes $52 per class)

3 classes a week $2340

(39 classes at $60 per class)

3 classes a week $4290

(78 classes at $55 per class)

3 classes a week $7800

(156 classes at $50 per class)

What do our students think about us?

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" I improved my Hebrew so much,   more than I have in all the other Ulpanim!   And I have tried many...This by far has been the bet way for me to learn..."


-Cara Tolmas



The teacher was wonderful! She was always patient and listened to my needs, she was not only interesting but interested in our daily lives and progress. Lessons were never boring and made me progress in only a few weeks. I would never think I could learn so quickly and manage to actually talk and use long sentences in various topics in such a short time.


-Garance Mho



".My Hebrew is functional but I felt it could be better. After three classes a week for three months my fluency has increased immensely...

The teacher chose a variety of activities and stimulating topics for discussion. No one ever missed a class during the three months of our course. My granddaughters and I can testify to the value of this course.  "

-Julie Goldberg-Botvin



WhatsApp Image 2021-04-12 at 17.19.54.jpeg

My teacher is a wonderful teacher! Energetic but very patient, she allows real progress in Hebrew. Working with Ivrit Club unlocks speech and enriches vocabulary and grammar. In addition, she is cheerful and leads us throughout the course to look at our life positively. A true Israeli passionate about travel and nature who communicates her joy of life. 


-Brigtte henerlin

Paris-Tel Aviv

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"I highly recommend the lessons with Ivrit Club, the teacher always knows how to come up with an original idea to make the lessons interesting, she is always available for her students, we inevitably progress in a friendly atmosphere, it is a real pleasure to study with her. 


-Jocelyne Touitou



Already in the first class, I felt it was different from every Hebrew class I went to, it was the most interactive lesson I have been to, and when I decided to continue I understood that something works well in this method.
Today, after only 3 months with Ivrit Club I can speak to delivery people, I can ask for instructions for everything I do in Israel, like going to the bank, to the doctors... my comprehension is much better too.
I notice that I use much more Hebrew daily. I have much more confidence, I even send messages in Hebrew, and sometimes I see that I even talk to myself in Hebrew!

-Sarah Shiff


WhatsApp Image 2022-08-29 at 12.18_edited.jpg

Ivrit club is great for learning Hebrew. I am a beginner, but my teacher knows what I need to improve, she is nice but she also challenges me to learn more. She helps me very well, she asks me to repeat and to repeat until she is sure that I know. And because of the method, I don’t feel that it’s difficult.

Thank you to the team!

-Catherine Cahoua Mazour



"The teacher is very professional and friendly. The lessons are enjoyable, I sincerely recommend Ivrit Club! My teacher is captivating, dynamic, patient and always present. She makes everyone in the class happy. Her lessons are prepared, focused on our daily life, the news, and they pass at breakneck speed . We also study vocabulary, grammar, conjugations, expressions, slang, etc... Progress is inevitable, speaking Hebrew becomes automatic and it's a real pleasure!!! I highly recommend!​

-Sabine Oiknine



Doing an ulpan with Ivrit Club is 45-mins of fun! The lessons are varied, interesting and original. I have never progressed so much as quickly as during this ulpan. I highly recommend their lessons and if there is still a time slot available, do not hesitate a second!


-Joel sebban

Paris-Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2021-04-14 à 16.08.35.

"Like many olim from France and not working in Israel it is very difficult to be able to practice Hebrew on a daily basis. So I decided to take lessons with Ivrit Club by zoom and today I want to thank them for the progress made in record time. My teacher was patient, professional and taught with a simple and efficient method."

-Yossi Ben Avraham



I took many classes in many different ulpanim, but there was always something missing for me – the opportunity to speak, and that’s why I started taking lessons with Ivrit Club. During the classes, I enriched my vocabulary, my grammar, and my fluency so much! And I can say that I have made tremendous progress.

-Jonathan Xavier Alexander



I chose Ivrit Club because I wanted more conversation, and to practice more than being passive in the class and listening. Today after almost six months with Ivrit club, I can speak much better than I ever thought I could! I also feel much more comfortable expressing myself. For example, when I go to a coffee shop in Israel or anything like that, I can finally talk with the people around me in Hebrew.

-Jessica Weinberger



"Don't hesitate for a second if you have any difficulty in Hebrew! Contact Ivrit Club. I had a huge blockage with the language and thanks to Ivrit Club now I speak much better  She's the best teacher you can have. In addition to being attentive and smiling, she will make you become bilingual! תודה רבה "

-Laura Journo

Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2021-04-14 à 16.06.19.

"I did a private ulpan, a public ulpan, but the real trigger that now allows me to speak to people in Hebrew, came with Ivrit Club ...
Taking Hebrew lessons with Ivrit Club means making sure you progress quickly by talking about various subjects. The teacher is patient and funny. What a joy to learn with them. ​


-Sarah Azerad Gillet



"My name is Nadine and I did Aliya 1 year ago. even thow I went to Ulpan before, I started an Ulpan with Ivrit Club and within a few hours I felt more comfortable speaking Hebrew. Their method made me progress very quickly! During the course the teacher teaches me a lot of vocabulary and makes me talk a lot.. .

-Nadine Bendriem


Do you still have questions? Let's talk about them! 

Leave us your details and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible :)

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