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For a limited time: a private lesson with Revital Zacharie,

the teacher who makes learning Hebrew a simple, natural, and fun process!

Hebrew conversation lesson:
Learning by doing

The only Hebrew lesson where the student speaks most of the lesson

From your chair | wherever you are | at the time you choose | for one Shekel only!

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Revital Zacharie
Founder & CEO.

Revital accompanies hundreds of students in learning Hebrew and specializes in improving speaking and conversation skills and invites you to a private conversation class.

Scientific studies prove that the most effective way to learn is by

Many people learn Hebrew at school, in the synagogue, or in Ulpan, but their experience at the end of the process is that they have a big gap between the information they have in their head and what they actually manage to speak.


In their "money time" in a Hebrew conversation, they find themselves stuttering, saying a lot of "ah" ah, understanding only part of what the conversation partner is saying, and, ultimately, feeling frustrated:

"How does it make sense that I devoted quite a bit of time to learning Hebrew, but I didn't manage to bring my depth and wisdom to the conversation?"

Yes! I want a full,

1 on 1

conversation class for one Shekel!

good news! I can help you!

What will you get in the Zoom conversation class?

Hilary Smith Kapner
Ann Weinstein
Gary Werxler
Los Angeles
Shira Urdes

Who is it suitable for?


If you feel that although you live abroad, a large part of your heart is on the other side of the ocean.


If you’ve been to a synagogue, you’re reading Hebrew, chanting it, and hearing it, and you don’t really know what it means. You might be able to read the words, but you’re not really understanding them.


If you’ve never learned it before, and you want to do it in a way that will focus on actual conversation abilities and wouldn't waste your time on less necessary knowledge for you.


If you want to feel at home in your own homeland - Israel.

Home Desk


If you have learned Hebrew, but don't have a chance to practice it enough


if you want to be able to go to Israel and converse with everyday people, and really feel part of the culture.


If you are tired of hearing people speak in Hebrew while you feel limited in your ability to understand them and respond properly.


If you have the desire and ability to invest at least 1.5 hours a week in your Hebrew.

-Julie Goldberg-Botvin


Cara Tolmas

Marta Fagundoֿ
Jessica Weinberger

A full 1-on-1 Hebrew Conversation Class

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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