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Okay! It’s here.

Welcome to the Hebrew Slang Guide

**Please make sure you have received the two important links I've emailed you :

Link to the playlist with the songs from the video that include the slang phrases we've learned.

Link to the Facebook post where you write us the sentences you created with the new words we've learned.

I hope when you watch the video guide,

you feel inspired you to either learn more Hebrew,
Or if you are a beginner - to be motivated to start.
I hope that my guide will give you an insight in to how different our method is and will get you excited about the Hebrew language, a language we love. 


My team and I can teach you Hebrew through 

- Personal online sessions,

 - private In-person classes in Israel,

 - A special 2-week Hebrew summer program in Israel that combines Hebrew learning and Israel touring at the same time with me.

(besides being an experienced Hebrew teacher,

i'm also a a licensed tour guide tour guide)

So if you would like to speak Hebrew confidently, 

and if you would like to hear more about our different programs just schedule a short Zoom meeting with me down below

and we can have a great conversation.

What is so special about our method?

There are many excellent Hebrew schools! Really!
But our uniqueness is in the great emphasis we place on your SPEAKING abilities.

You can acquire vocabulary and learn grammatical rules
but in the end of the day, if you want to succeed in making new connections, get along practically in Israel
and really understand what's going on in the country,
you must practice conversations with someone.

And that's exactly what we do -
based on personal Hebrew level and topics of interests. 

Ivrit Club
Nothing stuffy. Always creative.

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