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Practicing Hebrew together while traveling In israel 

In this fall of 2024, you can have a one-lifetime opportunity in the Holy Land. Ivrit Club's Hebrew Expedition is a program designed to teach you real-life Hebrew while connecting you with your roots by diving into history, culture, and visiting some of Israel’s most captivating sights.

Our upcoming dates for intermediate and advanced students are:

September 15th - 26th - intermediate

October 13th - 25th - advanced

A unique language experience in Israel.


Unique adventure

Every day, we will gather in a small focused group of 2-6 people, and for 4 hours, we will explore together, learn, and have fun all-in-one. Delicious cuisine, beautiful sceneries, rich culture, plentiful history, and of course, a lot of speaking and practice of Hebrew are waiting for you.




The best way to learn is to speak

Our proven method of teaching is focused on developing your ability to speak Hebrew more confidently. This is why the program is based on the principle that the best way to master Hebrew is to use everyday language, listen, and speak as much as possible.


So if you really want to boost your confidence, vocabulary, style, and fluency the Summer Hebrew Expedition is the perfect match for you!

Learn Hebrew while sightseeing.

A Hebrew Teacher Who Is

Also A Tour Guide

For you to truly get to know Israel and connect with the culture and the language

small groups

Because personal attention is required, and it's also fun to meet more people with the same goal!

intense program

So you could  upgrade your Hebrew level significantly within a a short time



On the 17th-28th of July, the Summer Hebrew Expedition is an exclusive event designed to improve your Hebrew knowledge and skills along with must-see landmarks. A completely immersive and unforgettable experience in the Holy Land that you can do by yourself or within a group.


Why Ivrit Club?

Because we want to give you a fully immersive experience of using Hebrew every day in a fun way. We are the Ivrit Club, the only Hebrew Language School in Israel providing a unique experience combining tourism and language development. But don’t worry! Our native Hebrew teachers' focus is not on grammar during the tour, but to share knowledge about our culture and history, and start out conversations. Explore Israel to the fullest and connect with the Jewish culture!

What our students say


This Hebrew Program is Amazing. We are always out and about, doing, seeing and speaking. Anyone considering an Ulpan should choose this one, and if you haven't been thinking about it - start!


Julia Tamar Bennet
New York city, USA

This program was really special. because you're not sitting in a classroom,going over different types of verbs again and again... We were learning content, we were exploring Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we were speaking with everyday people, and we were constantly speaking and listening. More than just reading out of a textbook. It was really living, and experiencing, doing it all in Hebrew. I got to talk about things in Hebrew that I wouldn't be able to talk about before. 


Dr. Neil Dobro
Efrat, Israel

I can highly recommend both Ivrit Club and Ivrit Club’s Summer Expedition!

Revital is a truly gifted teacher and makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. She is extraordinarily patient while we routinely butcher the Hebrew language.

The Summer Expedition was a great boost to my Hebrew speaking. The concentrated immersion (with her gentle reminders to speak no English even when she was out of earshot) helped move me to a new level.  I now get benefit from listening to the radio and reading online Hebrew that I previously tuned out.

The Expedition was a lot of fun. She seems to know all the most interesting places to visit, and where the best coffee shops and restaurants are. Thank you Revital!

Port of Jaffa



Get to know the guide

Revital is an experienced, highly appreciated Hebrew teacher and licensed Israeli tour guide fluent in English and French. Born and raised in Jerusalem, she continues her family tradition of helping people discover the beauty and many facets of fascinating Israel.


After teaching Hebrew to hundreds of students on Zoom and in classrooms, she realized that the best way to acquire a language is to practice it intensely while enjoying a fun and quality experience. This is why she created the unique Hebrew Expedition program.


In addition to the Hebrew Expedition, Revital established the Ivrit Club, a popular online school for learning and practicing Hebrew in small groups on Zoom.


Everyday a new finding

Week 1 - Tel Aviv

Day 1. The history of Tel Aviv

Day 2. Graffity tour

Day 3. An unusual restaurant experience

Day 4. The Museum of the Jewish People

Day 5. The picturesque alleys of Jaffa

Week 2 - north from Tel Aviv

Day 6. The alternative scene of Pardes Channa

Day 7. Wine tasting at Zichron Yaacov's winery

Day 8.The Green Line - the conflict and the peace. 

Day 9. Into the plants and greenery of Israel

Day 10. Secrets in the waters - Dor and Caesarea

*The schedule above may be subject to change, but we'll let you know.


Group (2-8 ppl)

The price: $3335


* Included:

1 meal a day, notebook, all entry fees, in-day transport.

תל אביב_edited.jpg

Not included: accommodation

*For personalized packages, please contact us!


Let's have an introductory conversation and a matching test!

Leave us your details on the form and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible, 

Want to shape up your Hebrew before arriving in Israel?



  • Will I get any material?
    Yes, each of our explorers will get a notebook with everything and during the day we will use it, and it will help us learn about the places we’ll visit.
  • What are the main focal points of the Hebrew Summer Expedition?
    Our focus is to enable you to communicate better in Hebrew with the people around you during summer vacation. You will be able to expand your understanding of the israeli culture and customs through tours, meals, coffee, walks, and other activities.
  • What is included in the Hebrew Summer Expedition?
    You will acquire a 2-weeks language tour in the summer of 2022 here in Israel with the Ivrit Club. Tickets and accommodation are not included.
  • I am interested in promoting the Summer Expedition. Can I cooperate with you?
    Sure! Contact me and let’s talk about it.
  • What language options does the program offer?
    All the teachers are fluent in English and Hebrew.
  • What are the exact sightseeings you will take me?
    The Summer Expedition is designed to provide you with the best experience in Israel, mixing up the Hebrew language, the modern city of Tel Aviv and ancient sites in Jerusalem. If you want to know more details, feel free to schedule a call with me.
  • How it will work?
    Everyday, for 3 hours (9am to 12pm), I will gather with you within a small group of 6 to 8 people and together we will explore, learn, and have fun all-in-one.
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Israel?
    No, you can enter as a tourist and stay for 3 months if your Passport is valid for 6 months beyond your trip return date.
  • Is it possible to extend my expedition to more than 3 hours/day?
    Sure! It will be a pleasure to do so. You can add to your package evening private lessons as well. Contact me for more details.
  • How can I pay?
    You can reserve your spot and pay for your next adventure here with credit card, or via a standard bank transfer.
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